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Heilongjiang Oulite Battery LCPA65-12 DC Screen/UPS Energy Storage in Machine Room
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Heilongjiang Oulite Battery LCPA65-12 Oulite Battery 12V65Ah provides reliable power supply for data centers/power communication

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1) The charging device can automatically operate in a floating/equalizing charging state, with stable voltage and current limiting floating charging, and balanced charging with constant current and voltage limiting charging;

2) Overcurrent, current limiting, and short circuit protection and alarm indication, including the use of automatic air switches for general short circuit and overload protection in the AC input circuit of the charging device;

3) Protection functions such as phase loss, overvoltage, undervoltage, etc;

4) When AC power is lost and power is restored, it has the function of automatic soft start operation and can automatically complete the supplementary charging of the battery pack;

5) The device should have a manual operation panel, including various switches, buttons, signal lights, etc., through which operation and maintenance personnel can complete various basic operations;

6) The device should have automatic tracking function and automatic voltage regulation function for DC bus voltage, and automatically alarm and signal when the bus voltage exceeds the limit;

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