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Hunan Oulite Battery GFM-500 Power Communication Reserve Power Supply
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Hunan Oulite Battery GFM-500 Oulite Battery 2V500Ah provides reliable power supply for data centers/communication networks/DC power sources


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The standards used for Olite batteries include:

DL/T5044 Technical Specification for Design of DC Systems in Power Engineering

GB50171 "Code for Construction and Acceptance of Electrical Equipment Installation Engineering Panel, Cabinet, and Secondary Circuit Wiring"

DL/T5186 "Code for Mechanical and Electrical Design of Hydraulic Power Plants"

DL/T637 Technical Conditions for Ordering Valve regulated Sealed Lead–acid battery

DL/T459 "Technical Conditions for Ordering DC Power Supply Cabinets in Power Systems"

IEC 896-2 General Requirements and Test Methods for Stationary Lead–acid battery

GB 50055 "Code for Design of Distribution of General Electric Equipment"

GB 50054 "Code for Design of Low Voltage Electrical Installations"

GB3797 "Electronic Control Equipment - Part 2: Electronic Control Equipment Equipped with Electronic Devices"

25 Key Requirements for Preventing Electric Power Production Accidents

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