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  • Product Description:

    Product Overview:

    The "Oulite" brand 2V/GFM energy storage battery is suitable for various working conditions. With the product concept of "storing good cores and using them for two more years"; Adopting corrosion-resistant multiple alloy, radial grid, 4BS high-temperature and high humidity curing core technology, combined with advanced manufacturing processes, to ensure consistent product performance. The acid control capacity improves the product's cyclic service life, and the use of N+1 terminal output design scheme determines the stability of product performance and high current discharge performance.

    Product characteristics:

    Adopting precision explosion-proof safety valves, advanced foreign envelope technology, and tight assembly technology

    Designed with a lifespan of over 10 years, stainless steel bolts are used for wiring terminals, with high strength and no deformation

    Corrosion resistant alloy, thick plate design, modified ultrafine glass fiber diaphragm, excellent rebound performance, low internal resistance, high porosity, and gas recombination rate of 99%;

    The grid adopts diamond shaped ribs and radioactive design, reducing the internal resistance of the battery and greatly improving the charging and receiving capacity of the battery. The shell is made of ABS engineering plastic, which is corrosion resistant and impact resistant;

    Strong deep discharge recovery ability

    Application field:

    ● Photovoltaic and wind power stations for communication base stations, wireless and microwave relay stations, and backup power sources for navigation,

    ● Remote unmanned area base stations, alternating power stations, large UPS, EPS, power supply for machine rooms;




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