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  • Product Description:

    Product Overview:

    The Oulite brand OPzV tubular colloidal battery is made of PVC-SiO2 partition, positive electrode plate with tubular structure, and imported meteorological silica. It is suitable for large power plants, power plants, and backup power sources in various environments. Designed with a lifespan of up to 20 years.

    Product characteristics:

    Unique overall valve design effectively prevents water loss and prolongs battery life;

    ABS engineering plastic shell, corrosion resistant, aging resistant, impact resistant, and high mechanical strength;

    The positive electrode plate with a tubular structure prevents the detachment of active substances, the framework is corrosion-resistant, and the service life is long;

    PVC-SiO2 partition, with small pore size and uniform distribution, low resistance, and high insulation;

    Design float charging life, over 20 years;

    Good sealing performance, no gas penetration, and no pollution to the environment, making it an environmentally friendly product;

    Application field:

    Transportation: Hybrid electric vehicles, low-speed short distance pure electric vehicles, low-temperature starting vehicles, golf carts, patrol vehicles. Electric boats, etc;

    New energy use: solar power generation, energy storage, wind power generation, ocean (tidal) and other fields;

    Smart grid: intelligent microgrid for power generation and energy storage, automatic energy storage for peak and valley filling, and distributed power generation and energy storage;

    Military use: hybrid electric transmission system for combat vehicles, Laser weapon, starting of battle tanks, military communication vehicles, ships;




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