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  • Product Description:

    Product Overview:

    The new battery of lead carbon technology, also known as lead carbon battery, is to mix high specific surface carbon materials (such as activated carbon, activated carbon fiber, carbon Aerogel or carbon nanotubes) into the lead anode, give play to the high conductivity of high specific surface carbon materials and the dispersibility of lead based active substances, improve the utilization rate of lead active substances, and inhibit the growth of Lead(II) sulfate crystals. The principle is similar to that of a super battery, it is another type of super battery.

    Product characteristics:

    The positive and negative electrodes are made of special lead paste formula materials with high carbon content, which reduces sulfation, has good low-temperature discharge performance, and prolongs cycle life;

    The positive and negative electrode grid adopts new materials and mechanism design, with strong corrosion resistance, low contact resistance with active materials, good deep discharge performance, strong charging acceptance and fast charging ability;

    Maintenance free, no acid mist escaping during use, and no need to replenish water;

    Excellent high current discharge performance and good low-temperature discharge performance;

    Adopting an increased plastic shell, the battery can work in higher environments;

    Application field:

    Transportation: Hybrid electric vehicles, low-speed short distance pure electric vehicles, low-temperature starting vehicles, golf carts, patrol vehicles. Electric boats, etc;

    New energy use: solar power generation, energy storage, wind power generation, ocean (tidal) and other fields;

    Smart grid: intelligent microgrid for power generation and energy storage, automatic energy storage for peak and valley filling, and distributed power generation and energy storage;

    Military use: hybrid electric transmission system for combat vehicles, Laser weapon, starting of battle tanks, military communication vehicles, ships;



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