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  • Product Description:

    Product Overview:

    The Oulite GFMH high-temperature valve regulated sealed Lead–acid battery series adopts new additives and special high-temperature curing process, so that the battery has a long floating charge cycle life under high temperature environment. The battery casing is made of flame-retardant and high-temperature resistant synthetic plastic ABS, which does not deform in an environment of 105 ℃. The safety valve adopts a new type of rubber cap with an expansion degree of no more than 3% at high temperatures, and the unique ultra-fine glass fiber partition effectively prevents water loss. GFMH series batteries can be used in environments ranging from -25 ℃ to+75 ℃, and can be used for a long time in the temperature range of 15 ℃ to+40 ℃. High performance and efficiency are ideal choices for communication, power, and energy storage industries in extreme environments.

    Product characteristics:

    The GFMH series batteries have a wide temperature range and outstanding high-temperature performance, and can be used in the range of -25 ℃ to+75 ℃. The batteries can be used for a long time in the range of 15-40 ℃.

    The corrosion-resistant grid and special high-temperature additives are added to the negative electrode plate, greatly increasing the battery life. At a temperature of 35 ℃, the designed float charging life can reach up to 10 years.

    The radial grid structure has a stronger charging acceptance ability and excellent high current discharge ability of the battery.

    ABS engineering plastic shell, resistant to high and low temperatures, corrosion, strong seismic resistance, and not easily deformed.

    Adopting an improved ultra-fine glass fiber partition, it has excellent resilience, low internal resistance, high porosity, and a gas recombination rate of 99%.

    CW-M-109 sealant is used, with strong viscosity, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, and high toughness.

    The safety valve is an improved rubber cap, with high exhaust pressure accuracy and limited resistance to battery bulging or water loss.

    Application field:

    High temperature environment, year-round high temperature environment base station, 2. Areas with an average temperature of 30 ℃ or above, 3. Remote unmanned area base station, 4. Solar and wind energy storage system.

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