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  • 产品介绍
  • Product Description:

    Product Overview:

    This product is a high-tech product developed and developed to meet the requirements of communication operators for new backup power sources under the new trend of communication. It has the characteristics of integration, miniaturization, lightness, intelligence, and standardization

    Product characteristics:

    ● The cathode material of the internal single battery is Iron(II) phosphate group (LiFePO4), which has high safety, high energy density and excellent cycling performance:

    ● The battery pack is equipped with a high-performance Battery management system BMS, which has protection functions such as over discharge, over charge, over current, over temperature and under temperature to ensure the safety of the battery pack:

    ● Automatic management of charging and discharging, with monitoring units automatically measuring the charging and discharging current of the battery and managing float and average charging of the battery:

    ● Alarm when the battery voltage is lower than the alarm value, and power off automatically when the voltage is too low to protect the battery. The battery pack has good Electromagnetic compatibility:

    Tracking the latest developments in international communication power supply technology, advanced power control technology and high-performance devices are adopted:

    ● Fully Intelligent design, equipped with centralized monitoring module, with two remote (telemetry, remote signaling and remote control) functions to realize computer management, and can communicate with remote central monitoring center,

    Realizing unmanned operation meets the requirements of modern communication technology development:

    The organic combination of power control technology and computer technology enables real-time monitoring and control of various parameters and states:

    Flexible configuration, cascading multiple modules can improve output power and capacity:

    Adopting self cooling method, the entire system has the advantage of extremely low noise.

    Executive standards:

    YD/T 2344.1-2011,


    Focusing on producing specialized batteries for various industries, we welcome customers to call for consultation
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