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    Distributed photovoltaic power generation system refers to a user side grid connected power generation system that uses photovoltaic modules to directly convert solar energy into electrical energy. This system is located near the user, and the generated electricity can be utilized locally, connected to the power grid at a voltage level of 35 kV or below. The electricity is self used and sold to the grid in excess, reducing carbon emissions and obtaining electricity sales revenue.

    The distributed photovoltaic power generation system refers to the placement of photovoltaic panels, combiner boxes, Grid-tie inverter, distribution cabinets and other equipment in any place where there is sunlight, including the ground, the top of buildings, side elevations, balconies, etc., which are most widely used in schools, hospitals, shopping malls, villas, residential buildings, factories, roofs of enterprises and institutions, car sheds, and the top of bus shelters; Directly convert solar energy into electric energy and merge it into the user side. With the opening of the domestic distributed photovoltaic power generation market, "safety, efficiency and intelligence" has become the three core topics of distributed photovoltaic. With the accumulation of photovoltaic Energy storage in the past two decades, Oulite closely combines clean energy technology with power electronics technology and information technology to build safer, more efficient and more intelligent photovoltaic power stations. In addition, Oulite will also customize suitable financing plans for customers.


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