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    Reliable energy, reliable investment

    Ground power stations refer to solar photovoltaic power stations that are connected to the public power grid and jointly undertake power supply tasks. Solar energy is inexhaustible and can be used as an alternative energy source to alleviate the pressure of peak energy usage. The ground grid connected power station is composed of solar cell array, Grid-tie inverter, transformer, etc. The solar photovoltaic array directly converts solar energy into electric energy in the presence of light, converts DC power into AC power through Grid-tie inverter, and then connects to the public grid after boosting to jointly undertake power supply tasks; Solar power stations are cleaner and safer than traditional power stations, and can recover costs within a certain period of time.

    As a supplier of ground power plants, Oulite's photovoltaic power generation project provides you with an excellent investment opportunity, which can minimize risks and provide clean and green energy. According to our tracking and investigation of successfully developed photovoltaic projects around the world, Oulite is one of the few brands to obtain credit for solar photovoltaic financing, project development, and system integration.


    High quality, low-cost solutions

    According to the development trend of the global photovoltaic industry, Ouli Te can transform from manufacturing oriented to combining manufacturing and services, vigorously developing system integration business based on manufacturing, and actively developing smart energy business to meet the demand for clean energy in different regions around the world.

    We promise a 25 year linear power guarantee: the output power of the module will decrease by less than 2.5% in the first year, and will not decrease by more than 0.7% annually thereafter. The power will not be less than 90% within ten years.

    Focusing on producing specialized batteries for various industries, we welcome customers to call for consultation
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