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  • Solar powered traffic lights are the development trend of modern transportation. With the promotion of low-carbon living by the country, solar powered traffic lights will become increasingly popular. Compared with ordinary traffic lights, solar powered traffic lights are more environmentally friendly and energy-saving. Due to their power storage function, there is no need to lay signal cables during installation, which can effectively avoid power outages caused by construction. Under continuous rain, snow, and cloudy conditions, the solar signal light can ensure normal operation for about 100 hours.

    Working principle:

    1. The solar LED traffic signal light is composed of photovoltaic panels, charge and discharge controllers, batteries, and an LED traffic signal light system. Among them, photovoltaic panels are used to convert solar energy into electrical energy and supply power to the system.

    2. The charge and discharge controller stores the electricity generated by solar energy into the battery, while supplying the energy from the battery to the LED traffic signal system, and protecting the battery from overcurrent and overcharging.

    3. The LED traffic signal system is composed of a central controller, RS 485 communication module, LED signal light module, signal light module control system, etc.

    Basic configuration:

    1. Luminous intensity: ≥ 6000Mcd

    2. Working voltage: 12V

    3. Power: ≤ 12W

    4. Light source lifespan: ≥ 100000 hours

    5. Temperature resistance: -40 ℃~+75 ℃

    6. Visual angle: ≥ 30

    7. Visible distance: φ 300mm signal light ≥ 500m

    8. Humidity and heat performance: relative humidity of air between 5% and 95%

    9. Shell protection level: ≥ IP43

    10. Insulation resistance: greater than 10M Ω

    11. Working time: Fully charged battery, capable of working continuously for over 100 hours

    12. Dust prevention: in accordance with G

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