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  • Insect killing lamp is a specialized device that uses insect sensitive light sources within a specific spectral range to attract and effectively kill insects, reduce pest index, and prevent and control pests and insect borne diseases, based on the phototaxis of insects.

    Insect killing lamps are the preferred biological protection machinery (commonly referred to as "plant protection machinery", but in fact, insect killing lamps can protect more than just plants) for producing high-quality and safe agricultural products without using less chemical pesticides.

    Insect killing lamp is also a breeding machine for the breeding industry to collect high protein feed to feed Insectivore, reduce feed costs and improve product quality.

    Working principle:

    Pests are particularly sensitive to ultraviolet light with wavelengths between 300-400nm and 400-580nm. They use dual band black light tubes with visible and no visible light to work alternately, luring pests to contact the net and cause them to be electrocuted to death. One machine with dual bands and dual lights, efficient broad-spectrum DC high-voltage power grid pest control method is an international initiative.

    Product features:

    Our company's products fully comply with the GB/T 24689.2-2009 plant protection machinery frequency vibration insecticidal lamp standard. The trapping light source uses frequency vibration lamp tubes, surrounded by a high-voltage network on all sides, with a design life of 5 years and a voltage of DC12V, ensuring 6 hours of work per day without charging for seven consecutive days. According to the living habits of target pests, an automatic segmented (hour based) trapping device can be added, with automatic protection in rainy days and single lamp radius control, Not less than 120m in agricultural areas and not less than 80m in forest areas, with automatic light on/off and undervoltage protection function. When the battery voltage is below 11V, the load is disconnected, and when the voltage returns to 12.2V, the load is output again. Compared to the test production in the light and no light areas, the production in the light and no light areas increased by more than 13%. At the same time, reducing the number of insect eggs by about 80% has significant ecological, economic, and social benefits. The pests trapped and killed by solar insecticidal lamps can also become high-protein trace element feed, providing natural and green feed for duck, chicken, fish, and other farmers.

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